Actually Aspling’s Guest Blogger: A Parent Perspective!

This blog post is going to be a little different, I've invited Lis, an actually autistic parent to guest blog this week, and I hope you enjoy her story! Hi! I'm Lis! I'm a mother to my 2 boys who are autistic, and I'm autistic as well. Autism was something we learned about almost a… Continue reading Actually Aspling’s Guest Blogger: A Parent Perspective!


Actually Aspling’s Graduation 🎓

Honestly, sitting my GCSE maths exam was getting boring, I'd already sat it 5 times by this point. Maths wasn't my greatest subject, if I'm honest I wasn't particularly good at anything. Throughout primary school I was delayed, messy handwriting and poor mathematical ability; for this I had extra one-to-one support. This support came in… Continue reading Actually Aspling’s Graduation 🎓